Innovation: Our Company prides itself on achieving a number of 'firsts'. We thrive on creativity and ingenuity in satellite communications. We foster innovation across our organization and in everything that we do. We create ideas and solutions that change the world for our stakeholders and differentiate us from the rest of the pack. We will be the world’s most innovative satellite company.

Excellence: We strive to exceed expectations in all that we do, both internally and externally. We focus on being efficient, effective, and on all the countless and unseen details that separate the good from the great. We put our internal and external customers at the heart of everything we do. We listen to them, support them in resolving their challenges, and provide them with flexible solutions that enable them to soar. We will especially cherish the unique responsibility entrusted upon us to contribute to the welfare of mankind, to the benefits of societies, and to saving lives. We will endeavour to deliver service excellence.

Alignment: In serving humanity and pursuing our vision and mission, we will all be aligned. We build and pursue a unified vision. We work as a team, collaborate and support each other, listen to each other and to our customers, and communicate passionately and effectively. We thrive to exhibit a behaviour of transparency, openness, directness, and information sharing, which represent the cornerstone of our culture. Finally, we trust, support, coach, and empower our corporate warriors to make decisions and to respond to their customers’ requirements.

Accountability: We pursue our goals with ultimate agility and passion. We treat our organization as our own, and we will pledge to deliver on our challenging objectives, serving our key stakeholders. We enjoy our work and display the highest levels of dedication, integrity, and quality. We have a can-do attitude, continuously take initiative, and proactively drive our Company to further successes. We do not compromise on our principles and on our ethics.

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