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December 29, 2015

computer operator skills

Performed as a contract drafting specialist for red lines of HVAC systems for a high-priority government contract. Operated and monitored UNISYS A Series System (online processing). Verified and modified electrical engineering projects using AutoCAD. Performed routine MVS/TSO computer operator functions. Mastered JCL and other Macro Languages to support the duties in Data Operations in a large mainframe shop. Processed and generated reports for multiple departments. Three to five years experience in computer science field. Created trouble tickets documenting the outstanding issue and the corrective action taken to resolve the issue. Scheduled and monitored jobs and performed tape backups on IBM mainframe computers. Maintained/processed administrative and office personnel and payroll documents. Operated and maintained all security surveillance and environmental equipment LIEBERT site master UPS, HALON, HVAC and diesel generator. Performed Help-Desk support after the regular Help-Desk staff left for the evening. Provided help desk support by logging and responding to calls for user related issues. Created various financial reporting, marketing, and sales reporting on demand, using Microsoft SQL. Really important to learn to get a unique and competitive edge in your business, career, and resume. Provided help desk support for computer end users on a variety of issues. Used ZARA tape management system to maintain and update the tape library, and wrote documentation and user instructions for it. Computer operator’s skills are multiple and all of it, he/she has to perform in defined period of time. Preformed routine backup processes and maintained documentation as required. Updated and improved operating procedures and provided suggestions to improve computer room security and operations. Coordinated with other IT and Operations departments concerning new location setups and integrating company acquisitions. Designed floor plans, lay-outs, parking, staging, and traffic control information. Based on our collection of resume examples, these professionals are responsible for installing and maintaining computer devices, solving hardware and software problems, providing support to other computer users, updating records, and maintaining various documents. Computer operator skills and Proficiency Requirements A computer operator performs key essential duties, which enables his organization to function smoothly. Equipment maintenance. Maintained and backed-up computers, printers and tape drives; notified vendor(s) when a problem existed. Monitored system performance utilizing hardware and software monitoring tools made available in the working environment. Completed nightly schedule, monitored CICS subsystems, performed downloads, and LAN transmissions. Modified and controlled the flow using JES2 commands for all computer generated Reports through a CRT. Performed extensive monitoring, problem resolution and escalation for computer operating systems, applications, and hardware. Maintained a UNIX standalone station, including daily and weekly backups, trouble shooting both software and hardware problems. Assisted remote users in Wisconsin, New Jersey, Nevada using JES2 command language. Resume SamplesThis page provides you with Computer Operator resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Captured a generous amount of working knowledge of TSO, ROSCOE, MVS and JES2. Performed operator level maintenance on Xerox laser printers. Provided tape mounts load and offloading using Silos, ATL, 3480, 3490 and UNIX and windows servers. Used JA7/CA11, Jobtrac and Control-M job scheduling packages. Studied program operating instruction sheets to determine equipment setup and operations. Performed Journal Tape, System Disk and Trend Star backups on VAX systems. Maintained tape library and initialized cartridges. Company Profile Managed user profiles on AS/400, Network and e-mail along with daily updates and revisions of menus and group authorities. Worked in the computer room, reviewed data entry and administered operational system daily and periodic tasks. Monitored system resources and resolved system problems. Worked as a computer operator in the data center's tape library, tape mount and print shop areas. Researched internet sites for FEMA flood zone information and county sites for property plat and deed information. Worked cohesively with Computer Operations on implementing new procedures for our data center. Documented system failures Worked with VMS Systems group to build backups for the mill's real time systems. According to notification, 76 vacancies are listed under vacant designation. Provided data entry assistance and also provided overnight batch processing support. Other Career Group(s) that may be of interest are: Information Technology Provided testing and troubleshooting for company hardware being returned to inventory. Participated in on-site surveys to create drawings for equipment elevations, port assignments, cable runs and floor plans. Served as contact for computer users who experience system problems. Worked in Customer Service and Computer Operations area of Circulation Department. Supported Windows application outage scheduled for maintenance and subsystem recycles. Supported 24/7 Data Center consisting of VAX CLUSTER and 6 MICROVAX computers. Installed, upgraded, patched, and monitored companies UNIX, AIX, HP/UX and Red Hat Linux environments. Executed incremental/full system backups and sent/retrieve tapes off-site at regular intervals. Monitored mainframe and microcomputer operating systems in an AS/400 environment. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. Operated, monitored, and controlled a mainframe computer and related peripheral equipment using established procedures. As of May 2008, the bureau reports that the median annual salary of computer operators was $35,600. Operated and maintained a variety of computer systems connected to Mainframe host system that supported daily online production jobs. Monitored daily production schedule via TNG-UNICENTER and Control-M. Resolved network NIPR and SIPR issues; Performed Tier 3 help desk support Diagnosed TCP/IP. Designed, detailed, and released Heavy Duty Wash Systems in Inventor 2011 3D & AutoCAD 2002/2011 CAD software. Monitored production and test batch cycles in OS/MVS/TSO, ISPF/SDSF, and CA-7-11 and control-m environments. Uploaded and downloaded data into the UNISYS S2200/600 mainframe computer. Monitored online batch processing as required for completion, followed daily worksheets to record pertinent information. Verified the validity and clarity of computer reports in computer operations department. Monitored all BCBST systems while promoting production flow through RACF and JCL job manipulation and recovery. Acquired a good understanding of basic TCP/IP networking, Vista, XP, Win2000, NT, Win9x setup and administration. Skills. Ensured SQL, Oracle, EDI and HP batch processes complete successfully. Created documentation on DEC VAX 6000 Mini-Mainframe System and related operations. Monitored the trouble tickets to ensure accuracy of documentation and problem. Worked in the computer room to load 2400 foot tapes on the mainframe at the request of other state agencies. ; These individuals would be trained to use specialized equipment related to their duties. Performed everyday high end active directory troubleshooting to users using Dame Ware Mini Control and in person. Madras High Court Computer Operator Previous Old Question Papers are available here to download. Managed and controlled mass print jobs on the IBM Mainframe and Xerox 4635 & 4890 printer consoles for First American/AmSouth Bank. The roles and responsibilities of a computer operator include, but are not limited to: Providing data by operating a computer. Excellent time management and training skills. Reviewed and coordinated scheduled system outages to minimize any impact to regular batch processing. Created customers monthly/yearly statements, processed in-house payroll. Prepared MS Word and Lotus Freelance graphics files to be sent to the Canon and Xerox copiers for printing. TRAINEE COMPUTER OPERATOR – May 2008 – January 2010 Employers name – Birmingham. Monitored master consoles in JES/MVS environment for system integrity. For effective performance on the job, the computer operator is expected to possess the following qualities: 5 years experience performing the following computer applications: Oracle, Query, ODIN, etc. Responded to error messages and ABEND codes in JCL, force completed or resubmitted/restarted jobs. Demonstrated ability to organize and interpret information for solution management and problem resolution. Assisted Systems Technician in PC/Terminal/printer hardware problem resolution and repair. Monitored multiple consoles, silos, batch processing using SDSF, CA-7 and TSO screens simultaneously. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Computer Operator. Experienced in the operation of Xerox 9790, 4050 Laser Printers and IBM 4248 impact Printers. Designed/produced floor plans, detailing and revising existing drawings and part drawings for the completion of cabinetry. Reviewed Operations Procedures Run books, perform Tivoli test with users and Project managers. Loaded peripheral equipment with selected materials for operating runs, and oversaw loading of peripheral equipment by peripheral equipment operators. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education , certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. They need to have excellent communications skills so that they can effectively convey information to those who need to know it. Developed Operating procedures for Display Setups. Confidentiality. Computer operators also use debugging programs to speed up and enhance computer performance. Performed daily maintenance and applied standard corrective procedures to equipment malfunctions. Identified system malfunctions and initiates corrective actions. Ensured connectivity within the Windows 95, 98, and NT.40 with all hardware and software devices via (IPX/SPX). Performed advanced problem resolution for 30+ mainframe logical partitions. Monitored and operated UNISYS 2200 Operating systems, UNIX, SUN, NT, and SEQUENT server with Tivoli Software. Processed credit card transactions on tandem operating system using multiple tandem protocols. Soft skills , on the other hand, are personality traits employers look for, such as attention to detail and teamwork. Involved in transmission of information (files) from mainframe Host to & from external systems using IBM FTP, TCP/IP. Assisted coordinators and facility managers with revision of drawings and floor plans. Designed an automated approach to resolve outstanding system and CICS replies. Supervised business and technical teams providing infrastructure support to multiple automotive design and engineering CAD/CAM/CAE clients. Utilized Jes2 and Jes328x commands to resolve local and remote devices. Operated 2 mainframe computers and related equipment to optimize utilization and efficiency. Performed a variety of technical and administrative tasks through numerous computer systems. Demonstrated efficient monitoring using mainframe operator work stations, production consoles and platforms. Managed help desk support for end users with any hardware or software issues. Computer Operator Trainer Skills and Qualifications. Performed manual batch processing that supports clients' ability to perform order processing, picking, packing and shipping operations. Drafted floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, elevations and sections. But he is required to have the following skills to succeed in his field – Talented in mathematical and analytical skills The average hourly pay for a Computer Operator, Mainframe with IBM Mainframe skills is $23.97. Monitored multiple servers, SQL jobs, online applications, peripherals and networks. Monitored computer consoles, related peripheral equipment; and used established SOP'S for providing data center operations support. Assisted in setting up, configuring, and installing applications in PCs. These are the most demanding and evergreen basic computer skills. Monitored VTAM lines and ensured connectivity between sites. Managed and operated the computer and related peripheral equipment resulting in printed reports and saved data. Monitored mainframe computers, performed system backups, and produced reports. Monitored severs via Tivoli event viewer, started and stopped services during warn and cold boots. Here's how Computer Room is used in Mainframe Operator jobs: Supervised computer rooms of a national data center, but also worked remotely to operate systems networked across multiple sites Maintained accurate daily activity logs and ensured that computer room regulations, housekeeping and security were adhered to. Conducted hardware/software troubleshooting of printers, terminals, PCs, keyboards and modems. To have strong attention … Started and stopped production online CICS as required. Submitted jobs and worked with batch jobs to perform nightly, weekly, and/or monthly backups. Performed all scheduled query reports for computer operations and warehouse distribution. Based on our collection of resume examples, these professionals are responsible for installing and maintaining computer devices, solving hardware and software problems, providing support to other computer users, updating records, and maintaining … Performed diagnostic testing of all IBM compatible and VAX terminals on campus. Ensured uninterrupted connectivity during backups through synchronization of IGM & OGM servers. Operated dual B-4712 Burroughs Mainframe computers and peripherals for application processing and testing. Performed inventory on a weekly basis to ensure all stock and office supplies for the tape library and office were available. Computer operator takes important tasks in an organization namely controlling and monitoring all the operations of a computer system.

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