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December 29, 2015

moose hunting maine

Tags for the 2020 hunting season are committed, but we are now accepting a limited number of bookings for 2021, and waiting list reservations for 2022. Maine Blackwater Outfitters offers black bear hunting, moose hunting, coyote hunting and rabbit hunting with a high success rate with small groups for several seasons running. No wonder Maine is now one of the top moose hunting destinations in the United States. Maine is lucky enough to be one of the few states to have an abundant moose population. The total length of a moose is about 9 feet and height measured at the shoulder is about 6 feet. Enter the Maine Moose Hunting Lottery to have a chance at one of the most coveted hunts in the United States and let Spaulding Lake Outfitters be your choice of guiding you on this coveted hunt!! This presents an incredible hunting opportunity for those lucky enough to win a Maine moose permit. The units we hunt in provide the best opportunities at trophy moose! Browse All Maine Hunting Land for Sale There’s much more to Maine than just the beautiful coastline. you’ll definitely want a helping hand. Some claim it is over 70,000! During Maine’s fall hunting season, the average adult cow weighs 600 lbs (dressed) and the average adult bull weighs 800 lbs (dressed). One local guide service claims 100% of its clients have had successful moose hunts. With animals weighing in between 600 and 1000 lbs. The first season is late September when the moose rut is just beginning and the bulls will start responding to calling. Maine issues a limited number of moose permits through a permit drawing system. A transferor and a transferee of the permit are subject to the elimination of any accumulated points and the 3-year ineligibility period to reapply for a moose permit. Our camps are situated ½ mile from the river, therefore we are perfectly placed to hunt both zones 1 and 2 with limited travel necessary. With the largest moose population in the lower 48, being selected in the Maine moose lottery provides a hunter with the chance to experience a traditional hunt unlike you’ve ever been on. Paper applications must be post marked April 1, 2019 or hand delivered by 5:00 PM April 1, 2019 to: Moose Permit ApplicationMaine Dept of Inland & Fisheries Wildlife284 State StreetAugusta, ME 04333-0041, ** Nonresidents may purchase multiples of 10 chances at $55.00 each. The Maine Moose hunt is a lottery system. 207.841.0508 | info@spauldinglakeoutfitters.com, testimonials | downloads | contact | site map, 2020 Photos & Text Copyright - © Spaulding Lake Outfitters Non-resident hunting and fishing licenses can be purchased at most sporting goods stores in Maine, i.e. Maine's moose hunt is a "permit only" hunt. Northern Maine Hunting Outfitter for Bear and Guided Maine Moose Hunts in Zones 1 and 2. However, the area is broken down into Wildlife Management Districts, otherwise known as WMD's, with specified moose hunting dates. Example: 5 multiples of 10 chances would cost $275.00 (5 x $55.00 = $275.00). The number of permits issued for each moose hunting district varies depending on moose population density in the district and publicly derived population objectives. In Maine you can draw either a bull or cow tag. Augusta, ME 04333-0041, Mailing Address: Maine hunting license or proof of a hunter safety course. Bear Hunting in Maine Area and Season depends on permit – Typically open in October – 1 or 2 Weeks. -No person may submit more than one application. MOOSE HUNT DATES AND RATES MOOSE HUNT TROPHY PHOTO GALLERY Call us to reserve your "Hunt of a Lifetime". For the last decade, Nathan Theriault has been an attentive student of Guy's hunting traditions and uniquely effective hunting techniques. The current population estimate of moose in Maine is 29,000 and growing. At Spaulding Lake Outfitters we are committed that our clients have an adventure of their lifetime and experience Northern Maine the way it should be. Each permittee may select a subpermittee to hunt with them. The Maine moose hunting season is perfectly coordinated with the rut or breeding season, therefore these extremely vocal monarchs of the north give hunters the opportunity to harvest an animal most hunters dream about. By then, the population had dropped to perhaps 2,000 moose, the result of market hunting for hides and meat in the 1800s, diminished habitat, and a disease caused by parasitic brainworm. 41 State House Station You can apply for a chance to win a moose tag through Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. They're everywhere. Maine Moose Hunting Season. We offer fully guided and non-guided Moose hunts in WMD (zones) 11, 10, 19, 18, and 6. Maine Moose Hunting Information The 2014 lottery (online) application is now open. Large bulls weigh over 1000 lbs, dressed. Spaulding Lake Outfitters trophy Maine moose hunts are a hunt of a lifetime where our clients can expect quality service and we know how to fulfill this coveted once in a lifetime hunt. Trophy bulls will still respond to calling and they are in a heavy feeding pattern to regain the weight they lost during the rut. Going on your first deer or moose hunt with Maine Deer Hunting? This is the largest concentration of moose in the country besides Alaska. Augusta, ME 04333-0041, Phone: (207) 287-8000 Site by 3plains.com - Outfitter Web Design, Maine residents may by one chance for $15.00. This group is here to share pictures and stories of moose hunting in Maine. Includes guide service, transportation, fuel, game retrieval, quartering, skinning, refrigeration, meals, and lodging while at camp. Here at Northern Hideaway Outfitters, our territory is located in Zone 1 and offers 200 sq miles of bears and moose to hunt. Maine's moose hunt is a "permit only" hunt. Known for its rolling mountains and thick forests, the state of Maine is home to some of the best hunting ground in the United States, giving hunters the opportunity to hunt everything from snowshoe hares to trophy bull moose. Maine Moose Hunting at Oxbow Outfitters, LLC. Applications are available by January 31. Email us, Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Opportunities for People with Disabilities, Rulemaking Proposals Open to Public Comment. The bag limit is one moose per year, by either permittee or subpermittee. Northern Maine offers a three part Moose hunting season: Prior to your Maine Moose hunting season, Spaulding Lake Outfitters logs numerous hours of scouting to ensure our clients have an opportunity at a trophy Moose hunt of lifetime. Alert: Stay up to date on Maine's COVID-19 Response, Home → Hunting & Trapping → Hunting Laws & Rules → Moose Hunting. No wonder Maine is now one of the top moose hunting destinations in the United States. Moose hunting in Maine is one of the most incredible experiences that a sportsman can embark on. Come snowmobile with us or hunt in Maine with renown hunter Dick Cullins, or enjoy the rivers with our fishing/canoe trips. Physical Address: Maine is lucky enough to be one of the few states to have an abundant moose population. “Maine is known for moose,” said Lee Kantar, IFW’s moose biologist. Located in Lee Maine using baits in three hunting zones (11,18 and 19) which provides for some of the best black bear habitat in all of Maine. An Anterless moose permit allows the permittee to harvest a female moose without antlers or a male calf moose without antlers. Hunt moose in WMD zones 3,6,2,1,4,5,7,8,9,10 with experienced and registered Maine moose guides. The Maine Moose Permitting Process. Calling moose; North America's largest land animal has to be one of the most exciting activities I have ever done. Moose Hunting Permit. Both hunts are top notch trophy moose hunts. TTY: Maine Relay 711 Maine state biologists estimate the Maine moose population to be around 75,000. The disabled veteran must meet eligibility and permit requirements. To hunt for moose in Maine, you will need a permit; and due to high demand, these permits are administered in four ways only: Through two chance lottery drawings (resident and non-resident) Through a competitive auction; Through a controlled moose hunt for disabled veterans; Through a hunting lodge moose lottery This is a very important tip for moose hunting: Use a moose call! For the Maine moose season, permit holders will be able to hunt (Spaulding Lake Outfitters Guides in the WMD’s that are in bold/italic: September 28th - October 3rd 2020 in WMD's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, and 19October 12th - October 1th 2020 in WMD's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 27, and 28October 26th- October 31st 2020  in WMD's 1, 2, 3, 4 and 19. Districts WMD 1 is a very remote area of Northern Maine and logistics can be a problem without proper planning. Non Maine residents can purchase the following: One chance for $15.00 (or bonus point, see DIFW link above for information). My #2 Moose Hunting Tips. Permits for Hunting Lodges: Beginning in 2019, the Commissioner may allocate up to 2% of the moose hunting permits for a special chance lottery that is separate from the regular moose permit lottery, to hunting outfitters who meet the specific requirements defined in the law. Here’s a helpful checklist to reference for what to bring on your Maine hunt while you prepare. Our guides have decades of experience … Does not include the costs of a hunting license, moose tag, and butchering. The Moose is the staple icon across Maine. Spot and stalk hunts are the ideal way at this time to harvest a trophy Maine Moose. • A person under 10 years old may not hunt moose. Moose are naturally attracted to open areas and wetlands which are abundant in northwestern Maine. Hunting License. Extra persons (apart from you and your sub-permittee) is $700.00 per person for meals & accommodations. Let Traditions Guide Service guide you during your hunt of a lifetime. Proposed number of permits to be issued in 2014: 4,085 - No more than 10% of the permits in each. Moose Hunt Location. The legendary Guy Randlett started Maine Trophy Moose over 30 years ago as a "trophy only" guide service. Specializing in affordable Guided Trophy Black Bear hunts, Hawkeye Hank is a Full-Service guide. Moose hunting in Maine had been legal, with various restrictions, until 1935. Each permittee may select a subpermittee to hunt with them. Guaranteed shot at a bull or cow moose for $4,000.00. When you stay with us for your moose hunt, we are there to help. All dates are inclusive except that hunting is prohibited on Sunday. Transportation to and from hunting areas, with your guide, Retrieval of your moose from the place where it has expired, Transporting your moose back to the Lodge / or to our processor, Any Gate fees into the North Maine Woods ( $15.00 per day per nonresident ) ( $11.00 per day residents ). -You are eligible to apply for the Maine Moose Lottery if: You are eligible to obtain a Maine Big Game Hunting License, or will be eligible to obtain a Maine Big Game Hunting License by the opening day of the Maine Moose Hunting Season. 3,135 permits were issued for the 2020 moose hunt. Fax: (207) 287-8094 or (207) 287-6395 Keep it clean, and use tasteful photos. Maine Moose hunting permits are by lottery. Four wheelers, ropes, pulleys, chainsaws, you get the idea. Maine’s moose population is the largest of all the lower 48 states, estimated at 60-70,000 animals. 2021 Moose Hunting applications can be submitted online beginning in mid February until mid May 2021. But in the 45 years since, the population had increased tenfold. click here for more info. A mature bull moose can weigh in around 1,000 pounds or more, and their antlers can span an average of 6’. Let Wilderness Escape Outfitters help you get that trophy Moose. Affordable Guided Hunts in Maine. We also offer remote Trophy Maine Moose Hunts in WMD District 1. Moose hunting has been a tradition for years in the great state of Maine. The best value in Maine Moose hunting. Success on trophy animals Historically we have submitted from 3-5 moose per year into the record books. Hunting Maine’s moose is a hunt of a lifetime. Check with us about swapping your cow tag for a bull tag, or changing your wildlife management district. Permits for 65 years old and older: A resident 65 years of age or older with 30 points or more in the moose lottery system who applies for a moose permit is guaranteed a permit. Semi-Guided Hunt $2,000.00 If you are fortunate enough to draw a Moose permit, give us a call. Lodging and Meals and Allagash Wilderness Waterway Shuttle 207-398-4478 Maine Moose Guaranteed Lodge Tags In 2019, the Maine Department of Inland Fishers & Wildlife began offering guaranteed “Lodge Tags” to qualifying outfitters. What a thrill to harvest the largest member of the deer family. We hunt zone 3 here in Maine. Hunting License & Moose permit, non-resident big game license $115.00, moose permit $585.00, Maine residence license $26.00, moose permit $52.00. See Laws Pertaining to Hunting Equipment for information on the use of crossbows. Moose Hunts in New Brunswick and Maine Our trophy moose hunts are fully-guided, meals and lodging is included. We make our living being Professional Maine Guides , fishing, hunting, canoeing, snowmobiling we are in the woods of Northern Maine everyday it is where we live in T8R6. All New Brunswick and Maine moose hunts are on a draw basis. The second season is early October when the colors of fall are at their peak and the Maine Moose rut is winding down. This is the largest concentration of moose in the country besides Alaska. Ross Lake Camps is a Maine hunting camp … Maine’s Wildlife Management Districts (WMD) 1 & 2 are separated by the Allagash River. Complete Wildlife Management District maps (WMD maps) are available by way of links on the Moose Hunting Permits page of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife website (link above). Spaulding Lake Outfitters is fortunate to be located in Aroostook County, the highest populated moose areas in the State of Maine. A person may not hunt moose with an apprentice hunter license. Non Maine residents may also purchase multiple of ten chances for $55.00 each. Applications are available by January 31. 284 State Street We’ll also be at the ready to help point you in the right direction if things aren’t going as well as planned. Moose Hunting Seasons; Moose Hunting Permit. We also offer exciting turkey, whitetail deer, and moose hunts. The lottery is open to Maine Residents and Non Residents. Professional Registered Maine Guide knowledgeable of your zone and moose behavior, assigned to your hunt for the week. A couple of years ago, one evening I was calling moose and had two bulls come in at the same time. Allagash Guide Service is located in the northwestern corner of Maine along the Quebec border. Traditional Maine Moose hunting by calling and stalking in Northern Maine. The online application deadline is May 14, 2014. Note: A new law has changed the definition of antlerless moose to mean: a moose without antlers. Any person submitting more than one application will be disqualified. A person may not hunt moose with an apprentice hunter license. If a qualified applicant is drawn in the lottery, the cost to purchase the permit is $1,500. You’ll have access to our onsite cooler and our equipment to recover your harvest. Please feel free to call Spaulding Lake Outfitters if you need assistance in picking your zones or help with any Maine Moose Lottery Information. Spaulding Lake Outfitters offers Trophy Maine Moose Hunts from our lodge for WMD Districts 4, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11. A person under the age of 10 on the opening day of the moose hunting season may apply to earn a point in the lottery system, but cannot receive a permit. Regulated hunting seasons are how the department manages Maine’s moose population. Permit donation to veterans: A person who receives a moose permit may transfer that permit to a disabled veteran or may return the permit to MDIFW so the permit can be transfered to a disabled veteran through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. We run 100% success rates on moose hunts. If selected for a Maine Moose Hunting Permit, residents and non-Maine residents must pay a Moose permit fee of: $585.00 Non Maine resident / Non resident big game license also apply $114.00, This year’s drawing will be held at the Moose Festival on Saturday, June 11th at Kittery Trading Post. Where else can you find that in the state of Maine! Winners of the Maine Moose hunting lottery have over 21,000 square miles of territory to hunt. Northern Maine, with it’s vast wilderness, has the largest Moose population in the lower 48 states. Moose hunting in Maine is by lottery, but should you draw your tag in Maine in Units 2, 5, 3, 6, 4 & 1, we can put you on that bull moose of a lifetime. If selected for a Maine Moose Hunting Permit, residents and non-Maine residents must pay a Moose permit fee of: $52.00 Maine resident; $585.00 Non Maine resident / Non resident big game license also apply $114.00; This year’s drawing will be held at the Moose … Maine state biologists estimate the Maine moose population to be around 75,000. Kittery Trading Post, LL Bean, and at other local stores. Ross Lake Camps is located on beautiful Chemquasabamticook Lake in the North Maine Woods Region west of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.The North Maine Woods is true wilderness consisting of pristine trout waters, thousands of black bear, trophy sized moose and some of the largest whitetail bucks found anywhere in the world.. General Information. Maine Blackwater Outfitters offers some of the finest Maine black bear hunting, Maine moose hunting, Maine coyote hunting and rabbit hunting we experience a high success rate with small groups for several seasons running. This is a very exciting way to hunt our majestic Maine Moose. *Online Moose hunting permit applications must be filed by May 16,2019 at 11:59 PM.

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